Friday, 25 December 2009

Meat Schotel


* A pound grind beef
* Half a pack of cheese (kraft cheese)
* Five eggs
* Half teaspoon pepper
* Margarine to taste
* Half a can of Carnation milk
* A half teaspoons of salt
* One large yellow onion
* Two tie Slada leaves
* 8 oz green beans
* Three corn
* 8 oz carrots

-Beans and carrots, washed and diced, then boiled with salt and pepper.
-Seed-corn taken, washed and boiled with salt
-Meat grinders given pepper and salt, mix with two eggs and some cheese that had been grated, and stir well
-Wet your hands, roll a teaspoonful of mixture between your palms to form a ball
-Three eggs beaten and mixed with milk and remaining grated cheese
-Pour it over the meat balls and give the top a little margarine
-All this is baked in an oven previously heated


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