Saturday, 26 December 2009

Olive Salad


* Lettuce Leaves
* One box of dates
* Two apples
* 8 small cucumber
* a tomato fruit
* one pineapple

Ingredients salad dressing:

* Vinegar, pepper, mustard, sugar to taste
* Eight boiled chicken eggs

-Pineapple peeled and cleaned, cut into small pieces
-Cucumbers washed and cut into tiny balls
-Apple peeled and washed with salt water and diced
-Dates taken-seeded and cut into two
-All mixed into one
-Mixed the fruit that have been diced with salad dressing
-Provide an oval plate, place the lettuce leaves and pour the fruit that have been mixed with salad dressing, ornamented with a few dates, tomatoes and cucumber slices

How to make a sauce:
-Chicken eggs that have been boiled, skin removed and then mashed and mixed with sugar, pepper, salt, vinegar and mustard, stirring until smooth


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